Insurance Adjusters and Brokers

Insurance Adjusters and Brokers…….who are they and what role do they typically have in the restoration insurance industry? So the adjuster will need to perform a site visit with the insured in order to qualify the loss, the adjuster oversees the process of the claim from start to finish with regards to the communication to […]

4 Myths about Agents and Brokers

4 Myths about Agents and Brokers Historically, the insurance business has been a personal one. Producers knew their customers well; knew their families, their businesses, their tolerance for risk. The entrance of direct writers onto the insurance scene has, indeed, removed some of that intimacy. But for independent agents, adding a modern, e-signing option to […]

Cultivating connections in the insurance industry

What opportunities can you look out for in making new connections within the Insurance Industry?   I had someone ask me a question today, they asked…….. “I clean up after floods in apartments and condominiums, how do I start doing insurance claims in houses? Here is a quick video that I thought may trigger a […]