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Insurance Restoration Pro is standing by and prepared to help you with a basement flood disaster right now!

Call us now for immediate water extraction, drying, and restoration of any area of your home.

Basements tend to be the lowest point and have a tendency to be the first area to flood during a water disaster.

If you have experienced a flooded basement contact Insurance Restoration Pro, we’re on-site with hours to restore your home as quickly as possible.

Our Emergency Response Team will protect and restore your property.

Outside and inside sources can cause water damage to occur in your basement at any second.

Heavy rain, melting snow, or sprinkler systems can over saturate the ground, causing what is called hydrostatic pressure.

Hydrostatic pressure is what takes place when the moisture outside of your basement walls and slab exceeds the pressure inside.

Water wants to seek equilibrium, this results in leaks pushing through cracks in your house’s foundation.

Our certified and compassionate emergency team will attend to clean up any water damage because of basement flooding. We provide basement water extraction, professional structure drying, water cleanup due to leaks and drips, setting up and monitoring restoration drying equipment after flooding.

Insurance Restoration Pro can help Our professional technicians will extract any water quickly and effectively.

Call us right away we will even prevent structural damage and secondary water troubles such as mould and mildew growth. We use professional industry designed equipment to detect and remove any extra moisture, absolutely drying out your damp basement.

Once all of the water and extra moisture has been completely removed, our skilled specialists will clean, sanitize and treat all the affected areas to inhibit the growth of bacteria caused by the water damage.

A flooded basement can be one of the most traumatic events your own home will ever have to experience, it can additionally be one of the emotionally stressful occasions you may ever need to undergo as a house owner.  Our team of skilled, passionate, and expert water damage technicians is right here for you in your time of need.  We want to make sure you have the best possible experience during this unfortunate time that is why we will be with you every single step of the process.

Let Insurance Restoration Pro Restore Your peace of mind.

We're standing by, equipped to restore your home following any water damage disaster. Contact our Property Restoration specialists today!

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