Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder……..What is it and how to use it.

During times of a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, tsunami, tornado or even terrorist attacks after the smoke settles, what is the very first thing on our mind? Our loved ones.

Where are they? Are they OK?

Well……Google has put together a fantastic tool just for this type of situation.

Definition from Wikipedia

Google Person Finder is an open source web application that provides a registry and message board for survivors, family, and loved ones affected by a natural disaster to post and search for information about each other’s status and whereabouts. It was created by volunteer Google engineers in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Google Person Finder is written in Python and hosted on Google App Engine. Its database and API are based on the People Finder Interchange Format (PFIF) developed in 2005 for the Katrina PeopleFinder Project.

google people finder
google people finder


Optionally there is an app for ios devises here

person finder app for ios
person finder app for ios

Here is also a fantastic site that helps connect family and loved ones

Family Links
Family Links

Restoring Family LinksĀ 

Every year, thousands of family members are separated by conflicts, disasters or migration. People suffer terribly when they lose contact with their loved ones and don’t know where they are or whether they are safe.

The ICRC and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies work together around the world to locate people and put them back into contact with their relatives. This work includes looking for family members, restoring contact, reuniting families and seeking to clarify the fate of those who remain missing. – See more at:”

My hopes is that you never have to use this service but in a time of need, it is comforting to know there are services out there to help.

Stay safe

Darren Miller
Darren Miller



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