Insurance Adjusters and Brokers

Insurance Adjusters and Brokers…….who are they and what role do they typically have in the restoration insurance industry?

So the adjuster will need to perform a site visit with the insured in order to qualify the loss, the adjuster oversees the process of the claim from start to finish with regards to the communication to all involved ie. insureds, contractor, underwriters and sometimes the broker.

So where do you come in…. the “loss needs to be mitigated in order to prevent further damage to the property, dry-out, demo, secure or clean what ever is necessary. Compiling emergency scopes and rebuild specs are imperative to the adjuster, most adjusters rely on competent qualified contractors to fulfill these duties.
Bottom line…get to know the local insurance adjusters be it in house or independent.

The more they see your abilities and how your personality fits in, the more apt they are to call you at the time THEY get called to a “loss”.

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