Pulling Building Permits From The City

This is a pretty important…..well not pretty important, it’s VERY important process before proceeding with the rebuild on a house fire or an apartment fire.  Whenever your about to start with that phase of the claim you’re going to have to deal with pulling permits with the city.

I’ve dealt with this earlier on in my career and trying to figure out what the city needs for documentation from me in order to issue a permit to rebuild.  Okay, well in our jurisdiction in our area, the city requires us to utilize an architect in order to provide architectural drawings.  They also usually require at the least two sets that are sealed so they can have one for their records.

What Else Does The City Require For Issuing Building Permits?

Typically what the City requires is called a Schedule B. The Schedule B is paperwork documentation showing that a licensed architect has provided drawings to a contractor or to the city or whoever needs the structural drawings.
the third thing you need is what’s required is usually a letter of authorization or (LOA) from the registered homeowner, it’s a document from the city that you get the homeowner to sign. It then shows that they are allowing your company to come in and do the required work stipulated in the insurance claim.
TIP>>>l also usually provide two sets of the rebuild specs for the City


So in conclusion, to pull a building permit from the city you will typically be required to provide at least or all of the following

  • Structural drawings from an engineer
  • Schedule B and C  proving that a licensed engineer or architect has all written the architectural drawings.
  • The letter of authorization or (LOA) signed by the registered homeowner.
  • 2 copies or the rebuild specs that was initially provided to the insurance adjuster.
  • In addition also provide any recommendations from the Architect if there’s any structural damage, bearing walls, trusses or joists. Anything that can expedite the process of pulling permits from the city.

I hope this has helped in any way. I wish I knew this earlier on in my career because it would have helped things go a little bit smoother and quicker.


Thanks again have a great day guys.

darren miller
Darren Miller

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