Capturing Proof of Damage after a storm

Capturing proof of damage after a storm Before and after photos of damage can help tell insurers what happened. (Photo: Shutterstock) Everyone is usually prepared for the chaotic atmosphere created by a raging storm. Windows are boarded up, items are placed in storage sheds and garages, and candles, water and other necessities are purchased in […]

Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder……..What is it and how to use it. During times of a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, tsunami, tornado or even terrorist attacks after the smoke settles, what is the very first thing on our mind? Our loved ones. Where are they? Are they OK? Well……Google has put together a fantastic tool […]

Catastrophic Loss

One of the most important steps you can take when catastrophe strikes is emergency mitigation. In providing emergency mitigation, setting up teams are vital to implementing all facets of the necessary work at hand. These teams will implement procedures designed to evaluate, analyze, and address risks that has resulted from fire, water, storms, or other […]