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Talent or Hustle in your Disaster Restoration business

Talent or Hustle in your Disaster Restoration business


So I was reading….I shouldn’t say reading cuz my office is my truck so I get audiobooks and the one that I’m
going through right now is Gary Vaynerchuk’s new audiobook (Ask Gary VEE) If you haven’t grabbed it yet go pick it up today by clicking here! But there was a part that I thought was really interesting and it’s with regards to
Talent OR Hustle

So what best describes how you perform on your job sites or in Life?

I’m a project manager in disaster restoration and there are a few aspects of this job that I really honestly struggle
with and I understand that you can’t be great at everything….and by far I am not, but there are some things that I find come easier.

I can eat, breath, drink, every day all day on Sundays certain things about this job that I really have
a passion for and that I really enjoy…..but I want to know I’m always trying to figure out
how to be better on the things that I’m not good at.

improve on your talents with communication






So some things are communication,
which I’m trying to get better at because
this is a job that really needs communication all the time
and that’s something so important that I am constantly working on.

talent through papaerwork









Paperwork is so important and I’m always trying to get better at that.

But….the acquisition of new clientele, ahhhhhh that is sometimes a tad bit tougher.

I was just thinking about a situation where we had a storm come through a couple of cities around our area and some subdivisions just got nailed. Roofs were peeled off like sardine cans and when I went into some of these areas they are “almost war zone situations”.

I’m at my client’s home and I’m looking around and there are five or six other houses around me that have no roofs, or there’s no work being done on their place at all…..

So in a situation like that what do you do? You take care of the client that you have….obviously!

Maybe Try this….when you’re driving back through the area, take some pictures of damaged homes….
maybe the homeowners didn’t even notice that part of the roof is missing because it’s a tall narrow place and they don’t see the top
of the roof as they’re not looking up there.

Stop by, knock on the door gave them your card. When they talk with their insurance adjuster they can they
can contact you so you can provide a service that ‘they need’.

So for that, I would categorize it as a hustle, you’re able to provide a service that people need and you’re

going out of your comfort zone or going out of your way to make sure that you can provide them with
you’re expertise because they need it.

That goes with so many different areas in life… do you look for ways to help people?
That’s the juice in life… it’s helping people, it’s not always about how it’s going to affect you because it comes full circle,
if you’re willing to help people do you go out of your way and look for ways to help?

So….. I thought that was a pretty good point that I personally took from Gary Vaynerchuk’s book.
Talent is honed and you can find and adopt new talents, but hustle…. you’re learning to do that and
driving yourself to be the best you can be.

Be around people that are positive and ALWAYS look for ways to help and be of value to people.

So cool……great thoughts to ponder on and make sure to have a great day guys and talk to you later.

ask gary vee










As always,
Stay Safe

darren miller
Darren Miller


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