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In Disaster Restoration you sometimes get called out for a protein fire. What is a protein fire? How do you clean them? And what processes involved to expedite the claim.

Complex Protein Fires requires a need to educate not convince the client of your services

What’s your talent in carpet cleaning and disaster restoration Do you rely on your talents or do you combine hustle to your day to day activities? VIDEO based on Gary Vaynerchuk’s book askgaryvee

How do you deal with problem customers? Do you see the big picture or just one job at a time?

Training In Disaster Restoration
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Do you ever get that Gut feeling you need to do something? There is a reason for it and do you listen to it.

Sometimes we get caught up in being a consumer of content and not a producer of it.
Maybe take some time away from always learning from the professionals in your industry and look at the people asking the questions, create new content in your own voice
And become your own professional
No matter how long you have been at a career, you always need to continue educating yourself.
Principles stay the same but tactics may periodically change. Become someone of value to your customers and clients by being a leader in your field and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

 A Burst hot water supply line occurred on the weekend in a Commercial Building. See the extent of the damages.