Asbestos in the workplace, court case ended

As a restoration contractor in the insurance industry, we are constantly on a day-to-day basis coming into situations where we need to place our workers and an environment that needs to be safe. This is not an option. Their future health is at risk if we do not take the time to properly test and […]

Risk assessments

Do A Risk Assessment Overview Good Management Practice Defining Hazard and Risk Six Steps 1. Identify the Hazard 2. Identify the Risk 3. Assess the Risk 4. Control the Risk Hierarchy of Controls 5. Document the Process 6. Monitor and Review     Grab Your Free Copy Here         Overview Risk management […]

Getting the Lead Out

Getting the Lead Out What are the implications of lead paint liability for Canadian insurance coverage? Although banned in Canada in 1976 and in the United States in 1978, lead paint remains present in many older houses. It was used prior to these dates as well, mainly because when added to paint, lead speeds up […]