7 Mandatory Pieces of Information to Collect From Stratas before Performing Restoration Work

Stratas Can Be Complicated to Perform Restoration Work In, but.... There is some important information you can collect from the Strata council or Property Manager that can help you and your company. If this is a new complex that you aren't familiar with then here is a list of key pieces data you may want [...]

Focus on Priorities, Eliminate Distractions

The most important thing you can do to improve your results now is to focus on your few real priorities and eliminate distractions. Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. Here he speaks about key things in our lives that distract us and how we can work on eliminating or [...]

Renters Insurance do I need It

There are a number of really good reasons why renters should have Tenant insurance. As a Tenant you are liable – yes, lawfully responsible – for any damage, you cause to any piece of your building and to other people who live or visit there.  If your toaster stove begins a fire that harms your condo as [...]