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When it comes to accidents that involve blood bodily fluids or bio tissue the area needing to be mitigated and restored is referred to as the trauma scene.

Remediation services of these types of scenes in Chilliwack are referred to as trauma scene cleanup services.
Trauma scenes are highly emotional and truly sensitive scenes, given the resulting injuries and fatalities that occur.

You need experts like Insurance Restoration Pro located here in Chilliwack who handle trauma scenes with the care, compassion, and expertise that scenes such as these deserve.

Trauma scenes can expose the public, friends, and loved ones of victims to serious health risks. A trauma scene cleanup in Chilliwack involves contact with blood, tissue, among many other potentially hazardous materials that may have to be handled.

For biohazard risks like diseases, viruses, etc., to be contained properly, very specific procedures must adhere to so everyone can be ensured that the scenes are properly disinfected.

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As an industry leader in Trauma Scene cleanup in Chilliwack, we follow the latest, safest, and most effective trauma cleanup standards in the biohazard cleanup industry.

Insurance Restoration Pro will test, contain, clean, and disinfect trauma scenes using the most effective methods, including bioremediation – which is the use of naturally occurring microorganisms and cleaners to break down the pathogens in blood, bodily fluids, and bio tissue without polluting the trauma scene further.

We are all about expertise when offering our trauma cleanup services in Chilliwack. Insurance Restoration Pro acknowledges the care, compassion, and understanding needed when dealing with trauma scenes.

During this time of need, we take this unpleasant burden of cleaning up off of you and your family and offer our services with the utmost discretion.

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