Trauma Scene Cleanup In Mission, BC

Trauma scene cleanup in Mission bc

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Trauma Scene Cleanup In Misson, BC

In the aftermath of a trauma, the thought of clean up can be daunting. Insurance Restoration Pro will always be there to step in and help anyone living in Misson, BC faced with this situation. Our commitment to you is that we will treat you with respect and empathy. Our technicians will follow all federal and state guidelines, use approved cleaning agents and disposal methods, and protective gear.

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Top 10 Reasons Trauma Scene Cleanup Companies In Misson, BC Are Called

By definition, a trauma scene will involve an event that is deeply distressing or disturbing. Clean up of the scene will be required and may include several different types of scenarios. Here are ten of the most common reasons that such a company might be called to provide cleanup services.

  1. Someone with an infectious disease has been in a house, car, or office.
  2. An industrial spill in the area has happened and has entered someone’s property.
  3. When there has been decomposition of a human or animal body.
  4. A crime has occurred at the site. 
  5. Hoarding situations require trauma scene clean up as what is uncovered may be a hazardous material. 
  6. An unattended death will require a trauma scene clean up after the police and a doctor releases the body.
  7. An accident involving blood and body fluids has happened.  
  8. Suicide has occurred somewhere on the property. 
  9. Animals have been injured or have died either outside or inside the home. The assumption is that the blood or body is contaminated.
  10. A car accident has resulted in injuries, and blood and body fluids are present.

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