Use of Drones in Disaster Restoration

During the last windstorm that happened in the Fraser Valley area in British Columbia, Do you think it would’ve been useful to utilize drones to inspect damage to roof elevations? As this technology becomes more and more fine-tuned I think there will be a perfect place within our industry that will minimize possible accidents due […]

Disaster Restoration software frustrations and solutions

Disaster Restoration software frustrations and solutions Are you in disaster restoration and are required to upload documentation into a software in the cloud so that adjusters and insurance companies can review? Do you have frustrations while your using the software out in the field? I usually don’t vent my frustrations like this but I think […]

Don’t Skip Steps: Mastering Odor Removal during Smoke Damage Restoration

          Mastering odor removal Any fire restoration professional can tell you when it comes to fire damage, the fire is the easy part. There‚Äôs really only one way to get rid of most damage to building materials charred by fire: remove them. mastering odor removal Smoke, on the other hand, is […]