Welcome to Insurance Restoration Pro, your premier restoration and property reconstruction partner serving clients in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. Specializing in top-tier remediation, Restoration, and reconstruction solutions, we cater to a diverse range of essential industries, including healthcare, education, commercial, Strata, and residential sectors.

Our localized, dedicated operations are bolstered by extensive resources, ensuring swift and efficient response times. With decades of experience in our field, we prioritize being the first to arrive on the scene, making a tangible difference for businesses, homeowners, and communities alike.

What sets us apart is not just our unparalleled speed, scope, and scale, but the dedication and expertise of our team. Committed to excellence, superior service, and ethical practices, we are dedicated to restoring normalcy to your work and life, no matter the circumstances.

At IRPRO, we are here to help you restore, rebuild, and rise above any challenge.

Chilliwack Restoration Services
Chilliwack Restoration Services