Ten Tips To Prevent Electrical Fires

Ten Tips To Prevent Electrical Fires, The 2nd Largest Cause! Our previous article explained the top causes of house fires. Not surprisingly, cooking was the number one cause. However, electrical problems are the second most prevalent cause of house fires. The purpose of this article is to give you some tips to prevent electrical fires. […]

Protein Fires, Educate Not Convince the client of your services

Protein Fires…….Educate not Convince the client of your services What does that mean? Imagine this scenario, you pull up to the job site and from the initial conversation with the homeowner and the adjuster you understand that this is a Protein fire that occurred in the kitchen from cooking oil. The homeowner has told you […]

Don’t Skip Steps: Mastering Odor Removal during Smoke Damage Restoration

          Mastering odor removal Any fire restoration professional can tell you when it comes to fire damage, the fire is the easy part. There‚Äôs really only one way to get rid of most damage to building materials charred by fire: remove them. mastering odor removal Smoke, on the other hand, is […]