Strata Or Contents handling portion of an insurance claim

Have you ever been called out to an insurance claim either by the property management company or the homeowners personal insurance adjuster and wondered how to proceed in the best interest of all parties?   Hi it’s Darren again from insurance restoration pro.  So if you have done a lot of strata work sometimes you get called in […]

How To Dry Out a Flooded Basement

How to dry out a flooded basement The unexpected just happened and you wake up to go downstairs and………..SQUISH…..SPLOOSH you step into inches of water up to your ankles. WELL, Enough of me talking because this is an emergency you are dealing with right now. What are the steps to knowing HOW TO DRY OUT […]

Consumer or Producer in your company or business?

Are you a Consumer or Producer in your company or business? Sometimes we get caught up in being a consumer of content or information and not a producer of it. This could be the case if you are starting up your own business or learning a new trade. I know this may sound odd or […]