Top 5 Apps For Restoration Contractors or Project Managers

Top 5 Apps For Restoration Contractors Or Project Managers I know that each and every Restoration Contractor has their own preference or “Hacks” that help them be more efficient on and off the Job site. For myself….I’ve been at this for a while now and have culled through a lot of old and new technology […]

Burst 3/4″ Copper Expansion Loop

Burst 3/4″ copper expansion loop I got Called out to a Strata that had a burst expansion loop. Affected common hallways and common stairwell. This council is very quick to catch these. The more you do work in these buildings, the more you get to know the plumbing layout. What this will do is eliminate […]

Strata Or Contents handling portion of an insurance claim

Have you ever been called out to an insurance claim either by the property management company or the homeowners personal insurance adjuster and wondered how to proceed in the best interest of all parties?   Hi it’s Darren again from insurance restoration pro.  So if you have done a lot of strata work sometimes you get called in […]