24 Hour Emergency Plumbing in Chilliwack

Emergency Plumbing in Chilliwack

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Broken Water pipe

Burst pipes and appliances fail day or night. If this happens you need to know that you can have somebody come to your home immediately to help you.

Call 604-316-7075 For Emergency Assistance

You may at first think that the best person or company to call as a plumber. 

That may be your first initial response to want to do. Let me help you see it from a Professional Restoration contractor’s point of view.

Our 24-hour Emergency Plumbing Process

First, We do not charge you to come out to do an initial investigation to track back where the water is coming from.

Second, We respond to floods and fires daily and are equipped with moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and the knowledge of building components in order to track back water leaks that may not always be visible.

moisture meter
moisture meter 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing in Chilliwack

By using these advanced tools we are extremely fast at locating where leaks and plumbing breaks can originate. 

This will save you money initially.

Call 604-316-7075 For Emergency Assistance

Once we locate the leak and are able to open it up and have it exposed, we can recommend from our large database of local vetted plumbers that will be the best suited for your individual situation.

You may ask yourself if it’s free to come out and do all this work how does your company get paid?

Well, wherever there’s water that escapes from plumbing lines or if sewer backups happen, there is usually damage to the home that may not be noticed from a plumbers Or homeowners standpoint.

Water can damage drywall, flooring, and possibly cabinetry.

While we are there inspecting everything, we can scan your home for any water damage it caused and recommend the best and most cost-effective way to dry your home out. 

If the damage is extensive, some options are putting in an Insurance Claim. 

Helping you through the whole process from start to finish and working with any insurance company that you may be insured with is our profession.

With over 20 years of water damage restoration knowledge, we have certifications in over 15 designations within the property damage restoration industry. 

IRPRO has full liability insurance and are licensed and bonded.

Caring for our community and the health and well-being of you and your home especially when it comes to water damage is our Moto.

Our policy is protecting your investment and making you feel you deserve the absolute best when it comes to your family and home.

Please don’t hesitate to call 24/7/365 for emergency response plumbing in Chilliwack

Call 604-316-7075 For Emergency Assistance

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