Flooded basement clean-up


Do not let water damage sit. Our restoration experts at Insurance Restoration Pro are standing by to identify the source of your flooded basement, strategically remove the affected materials, dry out the remaining wet areas, and get your basement back to its previous condition.

Basement Flood Clean Up | Chilliwack BC
Flooded Basement Cleanup In Chilliwack

You know you are in good hands when you work with us. Insurance Restoration Pro delivers one of the leading restoration services in Chilliwack, BC.

Flooded basement clean-up services in Chilliwack, BC

Flooded basements can be extremely stressful and cause hidden damage that no homeowner wants.

Inside and outside sources can cause your basement to flood up. Water damage can lead to more significant problems if you do not act fast.

External factors such as excessive rain, broken pipes, or sprinklers, melting snow can result in hydrostatic pressure around your house.

This hydrostatic pressure makes the water outside your basement flow into the basement, it can cause cracks and then leak through your basement walls, making your basement flooded.

Our expert professionals at Insurance Restoration Pro are highly experienced and qualified to clean up any type of water damage that may flood your basement.

Our team is specialized in basement flood clean up from inside and outside flooding, sewage backups, hot water breaks, broken appliances, failed sump pumps, etc.

The sooner you act in a flooded basement situation, the less damage it will cost you.


A flooded basement could cause severe damages if you do not take proper action. Water damage in the basement can affect appliances, furnaces, flooring, and contents.

Flooding of the basement can cause structural damages by entering wall cavities, sub-floors, or the insulated exterior walls of your house.

Dangerous microbial amplification may start happening fast if the areas are not dried properly, and this can spread to other parts of your home.

  • Determining the cause:

Our professionals are certified and well experienced in dealing with such issues; we quickly reach your home and inspect what caused the flood.

Determining the cause is important as the restoration process depends on the cause of the flood. There are plenty of factors that can cause your basement to flood up. No matter what the reason is, our team is capable of handling it.

  • Water clean-up and restoration:

After analysing the cause, our clean-up crew starts their work quickly. Our Professionals clean up the water quickly and efficiently from your basement without damaging anything valuable.

After the water gets cleaned up, we dry your basement floor, walls, and other areas damaged by the water.
Our team of highly experienced and skilled technicians then repair all damaged areas of your basement, including walls, floors, and ceilings.

  • Reconstruction process:

After the clean-up and drying out of the damaged areas, our professionals can help you with the reconstruction of your basement.

We help you choose the best materials to help you from damages and prevent flooding in the future. The satisfaction and safety of our clients are the priority at Insurance Restoration Pro.

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Insurance Restoration Pro strives to deliver the best restoration services experience in Chilliwack, BC.

Water damages can be a hassle and aggravating for you. We help you restore your home to its previous condition in the timeliest manner—our professionals are experts in water damage restoration and work on your home with the utmost of care.

The safety of your house is our priority. We ensure that everything is back to normal and safe.

We ensure not to damage any of your valuables during restoration. Our team listens carefully to all your suggestions and work according to your interests.

Reach out to Insurance Restoration Pro at 604-316-7075 to get your basement restored by the best.

Insurance Restoration Pro
Insurance Restoration Pro

Call 604-316-7075 For Emergency Assistance

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