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What is soot restoration cleanup?

Soot removal and Restoration cleanup is a process when all the affected materials that are powdery, greasy, and oily are professionally cleaned up and disposed of.
The effects of soot damage can present anywhere in your house when there is incomplete combustion.

Your kitchen area is a prime area where fires start quickly and spread to the other room as well. It will be removed, and your house will be in the same condition as before the fire.

If you are thinking of cleaning yourself, please think twice as soot removal is not that easy. It needs professional help with professional equipment as it can be harmful to your health.

Soot can easily be absorbed into your body, as well It can enter your mouth or nose and can damage your internal organs like the lungs.

So make sure to call A soot cleanup company who will help you out quickly.

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What Are the leading causes of soot damage?

Soot is a byproduct that occurs after a combustion reaction or after the burning of organic molecules. It can occur all at once or can happen slowly with time. The soot can start covering your walls, roof, or furniture if there is any source of burning organic materials.

Fires can start quickly, smoke can also spread from one area to another and begin to penetrate into the structure of your home.

  • Cigarette smoke: Tar is a sticky substance that is produced after smoking. Over time, It can also cause a yellowish stain and result in soot damage.
  • Chimney fires: Chimney fires can also cause soot; this process starts with incomplete combustion in the fireplace. It causes tar because of lack of oxygen… smoke starts to escape from the chimney causing the soot.
  • Oil and grease fires: This type of soot is usually present in the kitchen. As we cook oily and greasy foods, it can start producing thick black soot.
  • Electrical wires: Usually, electrical systems are safe, but they can easily catch fire if overloaded. Be sure to know the load requirement so you don’t cause an unnecessary fire. 
  • Other kitchen fires: The kitchen has many appliances which may cause soot easily. Stoves, small countertop appliances, and possibly faulty wiring. These can catch fire, produce smoke and soot, and become permanent with time.
    They should be cleaned right away.  
  • Candle fires: Candles with fragrances and are big can easily cause a high amount of soot. Some candles burn very clearly and can not produce any soot.

How does soot cause damage to your house?

Soot can stain and damage your house very quickly. It is acidic and leaves a thick black or grey mark area exposed to incomplete combustion. Both porous and non-porous materials can damage by soot.
Porous materials with pores can be filled with liquid or gas like sponge, rubber, or wood. Non-porous materials are mainly smooth surfaces, including glass, plastic, metals, and varnished wood.        

How will soot affect your health?                                                                        

So you have experienced a house fire, decided to clean it by yourself and not to call a restoration company.

Typically what we have found, people who have cleaned the soot by themselves mean only that they are cleaning the walls and furniture. Still, it’s not enough.

You need to do deep cleaning and air filtration. Soot contains tiny harmful materials which are the by-products of incomplete combustion and can quickly enter your body through your nose and mouth and cause lungs and respiratory issues.

What is the difference between soot and smoke?

Smoke means it’s not getting enough oxygen to burn completely. Incomplete combustion, when it occurs, not everything burned completely.
Each particle of smoke is tiny that you can not see it with your naked eye, but when it combines, you see it as smoke.

Soot is an incomplete combustion particle, it is a sticky, thick black stain that can quickly saw with your eyes. The major component of soot is a hydrocarbon, and its exact composition depends on the thing which burned.

Soot is a solid particle, and smoke is gaseous. We can easily see the colors of soot appearing from grey to black, but smoke can only produce odor.

Soot removal and cleanup services in Chilliwack

Soot cleanup and removal service are critical because of the acidic nature. It can cause severe damage to your health and property, too, if not cleaned timely.

After fire soot starts to stain your walls, cosmetics, and furniture with an hour.

Insurance Restoration Pro is a soot removal and cleanup company based in Chilliwack.
We have trained and certified experts who will clean your house as well as help you recover damage after a fire.

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How to clean up soot damage:

Soot cleanup depends upon the damage caused by the fire. It contains a complete method with several steps. Soot can stain your house within an hour as it is essential to clean this up as soon as possible.

Before cleaning, I recommend opening the windows to increase ventilation because soot can irritate your lungs and skin. Wearing gloves and proper clothes to make sure you are safe from any problem.

  • Removing dry Soot: Begin with cleaning the stains by using a HEPA vacuum in the affected areas.
    Use light brushing to remove the soot.
    Now use a dry sponge to wipe the stain. This type of sponges, mainly made up of chemicals, helps you lift the stain from the wall.
  • Seal and painting the walls and ceilings: The paint you choose for your walls and ceilings is very important. You will want to make sure it’s an oil-based product. There is smoke-resistant paint because after applying, there will be no chance of any new soot stick. Make sure to use the best quality roller and brush too to avoid any lap marks.
  • Replacing the stains from the wooden items: First,  you have to cover all the floor around the furniture with a cloth now clean the wood with a dry sponge. Wood is extremely porous and can easily absorb soot and permanently stained.
    You may require refinishing or replacing items that are heavily damaged.

How much it will cost to clean up soot damage:          

The cost of the cleanup may depend upon the size and complexity of the areas affected.
The cleanup cost can also depend upon the materials that were affected.
The soot cleanup company provides a detailed list of how much it will cost, and the Project managers are available anytime to answer your questions.

Hire a soot cleanup and restoration company

It is essential to start cleaning up your house as soon as possible because soot starts to stain within an hour. Hiring a soot cleanup service means they will send you technicians and experts who will clean your house quickly and professionally.                                                                                                                           

Always free Estimate: our professional will give you always an open and sincere estimate that what to do after a fire and how to restore your home’s condition as before. 
24-hours emergency service: Fire can happen any time, so there is a 24-hours and fast service as we received your call. The professionals will start to clean up as soon as possible.                                                                                                          Minimum 30-minutes response time: Because it’s highly acidic and can begin to stain with an hour so giving you 30-mints response time to minimize the damage and soot removing cost.
Licensed and insured:  Our professionals are licensed and do their work efficiently as well as protect you throughout the restoration process. 
Professional equipment and technicians: Our technicians specially trained for the restoration process who use specialized equipment to make the soot stain restoration faster

Working with your insurance company:  Insurance Restoration Pro can also work with your insurance company to know the terms and policies of any company.
Local professionals: The workers helping you are trained and have years of experience dealing with soot stains and restoration process.   

Conclusion, All of the above concluded that soot can damage our home, furniture, and cosmetics and can be harmful to our health hazards. It’s always necessary to seek professional help because they can save your money and time and give you guaranteed work.

If you will think of doing it yourself and save some money but remember health is wealth. Soot can cause serious lung and respiratory disorders like asthma.

If you have experienced a fire or any smoke damage to your home or business, Call Insurance Restoration Pro Now!

We are here to help.

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